Dr. Bernstein has been in this profession for more than 40 years; his compassion and empathy have allowed him to gain significant insight into the souls of thousands of aging adults facing difficulties. He has learned what has worked and what hasn’t, and he wants to share those success stories with the world.

Dr. Bernstein’s Top 9 Interview Questions

  1. What does a geriatrician do and why did you become one?
  2. What makes a geriatrician an expert on longevity and remaining youthful?
  3. Who in my audience should be paying attention to what you have to say today?
  4. What have you learned from taking care of adults as they age?
  5. What are the leading causes of illness and disability? What do they have in common?
  6. What are the contributors to inflammation and what can we do about them?
  7. Is it a coincidence that all of the items you mentioned begin with an S?
  8. Can you go into greater detail about each of the five items you mentioned?
  9. What can my audience do right now to remain more youthful?

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Dr. Bernstein in the Media

Videos Featuring Dr. Bernstein

Connecting Caregivers with Dr. David & Melissa Bernstein – Power of 5 The Ultimate Formula

Connecting Caregivers Radio with Dr. David Bernstein and other guests.

Interview with Amy Speropplus on Local Memphis Live! about Dr. Bernstein as the keynote speaker at Memphis Jewish Community Center’s Fair For Mid-South Seniors.

Gulf Coast Jewish Family & Community Services honors Dr. Bernstein for his years of service.

In the News – Senior Driving

Audios Featuring Dr. Bernstein

Enjoy the audio interviews with Dr. Bernstein. After listening, we invite you to read his book, watch his videos, attend an upcoming event, and let others know about Dr. Bernstein as well. Share this information with others. Together, we all benefit by leading healthier and happier lives.

Living to 100 Club with Joe Casaciani

Feisty Side of Fifty with Mary Eileen Williams

Listen to Part One and Part Two of the two-part podcast with Nicole Will on the willGather podcast featuring Melissa and David Bernstein, M.D.

Your Employment Matters with Beverly Williams (Dr. Bernstein’s segment starts at 4:38)

The April 26, 2016 Boomer Generation Radio show features Dr. David Bernstein, an internist and gerontologist from Florida, whose latest book discusses issues related to motor vehicle driving by older people.




It is with pleasure that I endorse David Bernstein, M.D. As Director of Jewish Sacred Aging® I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Bernstein. He has been a guest on our Seekers of Meaning podcasts which focus on issues related to aging, spirituality and health. His background in these areas, along with his numerous writings in these areas, have been influential in elevating the conversations about a positive approach to one’s aging. His professional and personal commitment to these issues have informed his dedication to this sacred calling.

Rabbi Richard F Address, D. Min

I am pleased to endorse David Bernstein, MD who is a known physician, author and public speaker whom I interviewed for a medical news segment for Ivanhoe Broadcast News. He is an engaging guest who blended his keen intellect as a geriatrician with actionable tips about the senior driving dilemma to our audience.

He is well known for assisting senior adults navigate the chronic and acute conditions as they age. His books on aging and longevity  incorporate his broad knowledge and he is adept at tackling a wide range of medical topics.

Emily Maza Gleason, Ivanhoe Broadcast News

I am pleased to endorse David Bernstein, MD who is a known physician, author and public speaker whom I interviewed on my caregiver podcast. He is an engaging guest who blends his kindness, sense of humor, and intellect as a geriatrician with actionable tips for seniors and caregivers in my audience.

His books on aging and longevity incorporate his broad knowledge, and he is adept at tackling a wide range of medical topics.

Linda Burhans