David Bernstein MD

Dr. Bernstein: Author and Speaker

doctor_bDavid Bernstein, M.D. is a highly respected physician who is board certified in both Internal Medicine and Geriatrics. His 40 years of experience have provided him with opportunities to observe, empathize and guide thousands of adults and generations of families as they mature.

His compassion and ability to see the souls of his patients have compelled him to share his stories in his book: I’ve Got Some Good News and Some Bad News You’re OLD: Tales of a Geriatrician What to Expect in Your 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and Beyond.

Because of Dr. Bernstein’s keen interest in the safety of his patients, he was prompted to write Senior Driving Dilemmas, Lifesaving Strategies. A guide for seniors and their families to consider and assess the feasibility of a senior adult continuing to drive.

Dr. Bernstein’s observation and extensive research prompted him to write his latest book, The Power of 5: The Ultimate Formula For Longevity & Remaining Youthful which explores a formula to diminish the kinds of diseases many of today’s adults face. Divided into five categories – Sweets, Sweat, Stress, Sleep, and Sex – the Power of 5 details the ways individuals can take control of their own lasting youthfulness and vigor. Dr. Bernstein collaborated with his wife Melissa and published The Power of 5 Journal – a companion to document progress while following the Power of 5 formula.

Dr. Bernstein: A Brief History

After growing up outside of New York City, he went to college at Washington University in St. Louis where he was introduced to a slower paced Midwestern lifestyle while meeting young adults from all over the U.S. and the world. After attending medical school in Albany, NY, he moved to Florida, where he has spent 35+ years treating patients as they age.

Dr. Bernstein has served as chairman of his hospital’s pharmacy and therapeutic committee for 20 years helping to improve patient safety and outcomes. During this period of time, he also served on the board of the local Jewish Family Service and as chairman. As an associate clinical professor in the department of medicine at the University of South Florida College of Medicine, he has taught the skills he has acquired over the years to first and second-year students.

Dr. Bernstein has been a nursing home medical director for 20 years. He was responsible for addressing administrative and quality assurance issues.

Education & Certifications

ABIM Board CertifiedUndergraduate Education: Washington University, St Louis, Mo.
Medical Education: Albany Medical College, New York
Internships: University of South Florida, Tampa
Residency: University of South Florida, Tampa


  • American Board of Internal Medicine Certification in Internal Medicine
  • American Board of Internal Medicine Certification in Geriatrics

Dr. Bernstein retired from patient care December 31, 2020.

Dr. Bernstein’s Philosophy

“When you give, you get back,” he says about what his patients have told him and taught him about life and aging. His writing style of telling stories about his patients allows the reader to understand the complex emotions and struggles of growing older and losing independence. He lovingly tells these stories adding his own insights about this complex process.

When exploring health and wellness topics, he consolidates his vast experience and current literature research, presenting simple and easy to use concepts which promote longevity and youthfulness.

Dr. Bernstein is an avid public speaker, addressing various medical topics with his colleagues and with the community at large with a focus on health and wellness issues.

Dr. Bernstein has remained true to the practice of medicine that he learned long ago, and he has evolved over the years adopting new and exciting medical technologies of the 21st century.

He remains committed to maintaining his expertise in geriatric medicine and educating and sharing his knowledge with the public and health care professionals. He strongly believes in the Power of 5 as we all work to AGE GRACEFULLY®.