The Ultimate Formula For Longevity & Remaining Youthful
We all hope for long, happy, healthy lives. Do we have any control over how long and how healthy we live? The answer is a resounding “yes!”
Dr. Bernstein’s latest book, The Power of 5: The Ultimate Formula for Longevity & Remaining Youthful, explores a formula to diminish the kinds of diseases many of today’s adults face.
Divided into five categories – Sweets, Sweat, Stress, Sleep, and Sex – the Power of 5 details the ways you can take control of your own lasting youthfulness and vigor. Dr. Bernstein outlines how to make lifestyle changes by following the Power of 5 Ant-Aging Formula.
Part II of the book offers a one week menu and healthy recipe options for each day of the week to get you started!
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