Media & Speaking

Dr. Bernstein has been in this profession for more than 30 years; his compassion and empathy have allowed him to gain significant insight into the souls of thousands of aging adults facing difficulties. He has learned what has worked and what hasn’t, and he wants to share those success stories with the world.

Dr. Bernstein’s Top 10 Interview Questions

  1. Tell me about yourself and what a geriatrician does?
  2. Tell me why baby boomers should be paying attention to what you have to say today?
  3. What have you learned from taking care of adults as they age?
  4. Tell my audience about the five attributes that you have observed? (that led to a happy, healthy, longer life)
  5. What advice do you give to middle-age adults?
  6. What can you tell the baby boomers in my audience are the major challenges facing their aging parents and what can be done to avoid them?
  7. What are the biggest bones of contention between a child and an aging parent and how do you address them?
  8. What does it mean when you say, “Be more like Betty White?”
  9. Sex after age 80 and other tales: Can you tell me more about this?
  10. Your book is titled I’ve Got Some Good News and Some Bad News-You’re OLD. What a catchy title, please tell me what good tips you have for my audience?

Bonus: What five tips can you share for healthy aging?

Speaker Endorsements

I am writing you to tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation at Arden Courts. I am very pleased that you spoke not only about Alzheimer’s disease but of other forms of dementia as well, since we now understand that there are other diseases and causations that may leave the patients in need of a caregiver. You spoke in a straightforward manner telling everyone they are adults and should know right from wrong (no smoking, etc.). I think if we all understand what is good for us, we will live longer and healthier lives. – Executive Director, Alzheimer’s Family Organization

Many thanks for coming to speak to my class, they gained valuable knowledge. After your departure, they expressed their appreciation. – Rabbi Richard Address, Hebrew Union College