Caring for Your Loved One with GRACE

It seems to me that many things I encounter every day can be thought of and organized using the acronym: GRACE: G stand for Goals, R for Roots or DNA, A for Attitude, C for Companionship and E for Environment. I have observed from my patients who have lived happy, healthy, and long lives that the traits of GRACE had been incorporated into their lives.

Ben Taylor, Son of Baby Boomer, shows the Traits of GRACE with Music

I had the great fortune of attending a concert featuring Ben Taylor, son of baby boomers James Taylor & Carly Simon... it was a wonderful concert in a small venue and I could not have been any further than 25 feet from the performer as he sung lyrics that reflected emotions and events that we have all gone through in our lives. I was struck by the fact that even though Ben Taylor is in his 30s, his audience was made up predominately baby boomers (I did not see that coming!). He clearly demonstrated the traits of GRACE; Goals, Roots, Attitude, Companionship and Environment, throughout the concert.