holiday eating

It’s the Holiday Season of Eating …

It is that time of year we all love when family gathers together and shares delicious food, stories and just being together. Preparation of a holiday meal of any kind can be challenging at times. Why do I say that? Because so many friends and family have made different eating choices for a variety of reasons. For me, when my family or friends have specific eating choices, I celebrate! Lots of eating choices make my Thanksgiving meal planning a diverse cooking experience, with many dishes to eat aside from traditional turkey.

Over the next few months, I will focus on recipes for Thanksgiving and holiday cooking … main dishes, sides and desserts for those who eat everything, vegetarians, vegan and those that avoid gluten. Stay tuned!

I just read this article from Harvard Health on 12 Tips for Holiday Eating that we can ALL benefit from. I wanted to share it as a reminder that it is so easy to let go and go overboard during the holiday season. You do not need to deprive yourself, but be smart about your eating choices. Keeping these tips in mind will prevent a relapse in your progress or needing to add “go on a diet” as one of your New Year’s resolutions!

To healthy eating,